Month: October 2019

Everything you need to know about Brawl Stars

If you happen to be looking for a strategy based game that reminds you of your childhood, then Brawl Stars will be the perfect game for you. The game is designed by the makers of Clash of Clan so you can vouch for its authentic game plan and extravagant quality. The game is designed to be a multiplayer game so that it can be interactive as well as exciting for the players. The game follows a 3v3 game plan, and you can fight to the top. As you go on in the game, you will get exciting character cards and trophies that will place you higher in the leaderboard. The game is essentially a shooting game, so you will do a lot of defeating throughout it.

Game modes in Brawl Stars:

·         Smash and Grab allows you to collect gems while fighting off the opponents. The first team to manage to hold 10 gems for 16 seconds will win the game.

·         Bounty mode lets you collect stars by defeating other players and by defending picking. The team with the highest number of stars wins.

·         Heist allows you to crack a safe protected by opponents or you have to defend the safe against attackers. You will have to fight off your opponents in any case to win the game.

·         Showdown is the game mode for 10 players where you will test the time to stand the winner in the shrinking arena.


·         Gems can be purchased through money or won from gameplays. They are helpful in buying things around the game.

·         Elixirs help in upgrading Brawlers throughout the game.

·         Chips are obtained when duplicate Brawlers come out of Brawl boxes. Chips help in unlocking new brawlers.

Brawlers and Brawl boxes:

·         Brawlers are characters with whom you will play the game. The first brawler you will get is Shelly but as you advance you can get 14 more of different categories and skills. Elixirs will be helpful in upgrading their attacks and health.

·         Brawl boxes can be opened through 10 gems or 100 coins. Each box contains random things like Elixirs, Brawler cards, and chips which will help you in moving ahead in the game.

Control Mode:

The game comes with two types of control modes which can be found in the settings option.

·         The usual Tap to Move feature lets you play the game in the usual way.

·         The Joystick mode enhances the quality as it lets you move in the game with ease rather than the tap to move feature.

The game is quite entertaining and fast paced as you quickly fight off your enemies and the max duration a battle may last is 25 minutes. Using Brawl Stars will enhance the game by letting you use the gems to purchase more and more Brawl boxes to unlock more brawlers and make your team a strong one.  As this is a multiplayer game, you can easily play it with your games to spend quality time together.…

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Pokemon Ruby – Top 3 Effective Tips that You Need to Know!


Are you in search of any creature game if yes, then you should try Pokemon Ruby Game once a time? In details, gamers have only one objective in the game is to create a lot of creatures for their collection in order to feel them more confident.

In addition, each and every gamer need to make the best strategies because it is a battle game, and without a plan, winning is fairly impossible. If you want to generate resources in the desired amount, then you can use pokemon ruby cheat codes for every In-Game Item in a huge amount without spending anything.

Useful Tips and Tricks!

For making every task easier in Pokemon Ruby then you should follow the tips which are mentioned below.

How Trainer Card Upgrades!

By completing lots of levels and obtain a good amount of resources, then you need to upgrade your trainer cards, and it has different colors initial from blue to green, gold, silver, and so on. You can also change its color according to your priority. Always obtain it as much as you can because it can be used in every aspect.

Be Carefully Utilizing the Money!

If you have a good amount of money or cash in your hand, then you should always spend it on necessary tasks such as upgrade the items and many more. More importantly, always avoid spending the money on unnecessary ways otherwise you may need to buy it from your real-life money. With the help of pokemon ruby cheat codes, gamers can get every In-Game Item in a huge amount without spending a single cent on it.  …

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Top 2 Tips to play the Summoners War Game!

Summoners War is the best action game which is available on Android and iOS devices. In this game, players need to face different types of challenges during the match. One thing you should keep in mind is that always build up a powerful team so that you can easily defeat your opponents.

However, we all know that currency plays a vital in the game because it used in every aspect. There are different varieties of weapons available which help the players to win every battle. If you want to generate unlimited resources or unlock several items, then you can take help from summoners war hack.

How can make Things Easier?

Tips and tricks are very helpful in getting a solution to different types of conditions without spending too much time. Now, discuss some essential tips in further points.

Attack Wisely!

In this game, players face numerous enemies on the battleground. If you want to attack your opponents, then you need to make the best strategies so that you can attack carefully. More importantly, you should target a single opponent at a time so that you can easily eliminate your enemies without any type of confusions.

Always Choose the Enemies Properly!

Gamers need to think properly and make decisions related to the selections of opponents carefully. From my point of view, you should make some calculations so that you can easily eliminate your enemies from the battle and become a winner. With the help of summoners war hack, you can make every task easier and unlock more and more powerful weapons without spending a single penny on it.…

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