Who are we?


Dominion Games is the creator of the Dominion Rules fantasy roleplaying system (DR). DR is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn, high-quality tabletop RPG distributed for free from this web site.

Version 1.0 of Dominion Rules was downloaded by tens of thousands of gamers from across the world. DR 2.0, our current release, stands to be even more popular. You can download your copy here.

Since we started in 1999, Dominion Games has been committed to expanding the Dominion Rules roleplaying system through player contributions. That’s why we created the Dominion Rules Licence, an open gaming licence that gives players the freedom to shape DR as they think best.

That’s also why we created the DR Development Team (DevTeam for short). For years now, all over the web, DevTeam members have been working to expand DR.

Are you a DevTeam member?
Gamers are creative people. And Dominion Rules is purpose-built to encourage creativity. Chances are, you have some DR house rules of your own. Perhaps a Beast you created? Some new weapons or Spells? A guide to your Dominion? Maybe even a piece of software you’ve devised?

If so, you’re already a DevTeam member! So send your creation to us and we’ll post it on our Download page to share with Dominion Gamers everywhere.

How to submit
To submit your work, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your addition to Dominion Rules.
  2. Write it up. If you can, make it a PDF file. If not, send a text file of some sort.
  3. Visit the Dominion Rules Licence page and add the applicable legal notice to your creation using the graphics posted there. All DevTeam creations must have this notice.
  4. E-mail your creation to us here.

That’s it! Welcome to the DevTeam. We’ll post your creations on ourDownload page as soon as we can.

Web sites
You can also make a DR-related web site. Just create the site, post your DevTeam creations with the required notices, and tell us about it!